Economic Equity Dashboard

Welcome to Detroit’s Economic Equity Dashboard. This dashboard brings to life the data from DFC’s The State of Economic Equity in Detroit report so that our shared vision and our collective progress towards achieving economic equity can be tracked. The dashboard includes data for 22 indicators across 6 focus areas plus additional data on the regional economy for context. These key economic equity indicators can be examined over time and through a geographic and racial equity lens.

We encourage you to explore and dig deep into the data to learn more about economic equity in Detroit. We challenge you activate this data by using it as a resource and tool to advocate, set priorities, craft policy, and develop transformational solutions to the many economic equity challenges facing Detroit and its residents.

All Detroiters should be able to meet their unique needs and prosper by accessing, generating, and maintaining income and wealth.

Income & Wealth Building

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In a more economically equitable Detroit, all residents, regardless of education, should be able to enter the middle class.

Access To Quality Employment

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Growing minority-owned businesses can transform our economy.

Business & Entrepreneurship

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In a more economically equitable Detroit, the education system would adequately prepare all residents for the workforce.


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In a more economically equitable Detroit, all Detroiters would have access to quality affordable health care.

A more economically equitable Detroit would invest in its strong and vibrant middle-class neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods & Housing

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