Through research, engagement, and analysis, Detroit Future City (DFC) develops relevant and accessible resources to promote a more equitable and sustainable future for Detroit. DFC provides up-to-date information to empower residents and other key stakeholders with data and information to help shape Detroit’s revitalization. Research topics include economic and racial equity, open space, green stormwater infrastructure, housing and much more.

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Middle-Wage Jobs

Detroit Future City’s (DFC) report, “Middle Wage Jobs,” from Detroit Future City’s Center for Equity, Engagement, and Research, in partnership with Mass Economics, presents key findings from an analysis on the strength of middle-wage jobs within the local economy.

Detroit Future City defines middle-wage jobs as those that are accessible to workers without a bachelor’s degree, that also pay workers more than the local labor market’s median wage.

Our goal is to inform readers about the strength of middle wage jobs in the local economy, the demographics for these jobholders, impacts of COVID-19 in these middle wage jobs, as well as the challenges facing Detroit in retaining and attracting middle wage jobs, and the best practices for how to attract employers who create these jobs.

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