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After restructuring period, Detroit Future City emerges potent and engaged

May 16, 2018

Model D covers Detroit Future City's journey throughout the years, and credits us for not only being a planning organization with a vision for the future, but an active resource for Detroiters to implement positive changes in their communities.

Women Wednesday Spotlight: Anika Goss-Foster

March 21, 2018

Read this article on Hour Detroit about DFC's executive Director, Anika Goss-Foster, and her mission to advocate for inclusion and equity for Detroit’s future.

How Argonne makes super models

March 9, 2018

Argonne researchers uses Detroit Future City's ideology surrounding population and land-use as a starting point in a project to evaluate future changes in Detroit’s mobility.

A green culture shift: Changing perspectives on open space in Detroit

March 8, 2018

DFC's Director of Land Use and Sustainability, Victoria Olivier, discusses the opportunity to transform vacant land in Detroit into open space assets.

Mini-Grant Program Taking on Detroit’s Vacant Lots, One by One

January 25, 2018

Inside Philanthropy recognizes Detroit Future City as a philanthropic organization that is striving to improve quality of life and sustainability in Detroit. DFC’s Kresge-funded Working With Lots Mini-Grant Program focuses on small development and moving funds into neighborhoods to allow Detroiters to reimagine their own land use, using the Field Guide to Working With Lots.

DFC Strategic Framework

The Blueprint for Detroit's Future
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