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A history that still surrounds Detroit

June 10, 2019

In an interview with Crain's Detroit Business, Detroit Future City's "Growing Detroit's African-American Middle-Class" report is mentioned in a Crain's Detroit Business interview with author and filmmaker Bridgett Davis.

Foundation Looks to Redevelop Neighborhoods Experiencing Population Loss

June 7, 2019

During a WDET interview, Rachel Smith-Alternative references Detroit Future City's Working with Lots program as part of the Alternative Foundation's timeline for redeveloping the McDougall-Hunt neighborhood.

Inside Detroit’s First Rain Garden

June 5, 2019

Paula Tutman of WDIV (Local 4) takes a look at Southwest Detroit Business Association's updated rain garden and talks to Detroit Future City's Community Engagement Coordinator, Tomicka Robinson.

Diversity and Economic Inclusion: A Business Imperative | Mackinac Uncensored

June 3, 2019

DFC Executive Director, Anika Goss, discusses Diversity & Economic Inclusion on Morning View: Mackinac Uncensored at the 2019 Mackinac Policy Conference. 

She’s All About Class: Anika Goss Fights for Socioeconomic Status for African Americans

June 3, 2019

Greater Lansing Business Monthly discusses Detroit Future City's "Growing Detroit's African-American Middle-Class" report with executive director, Anika Goss.

Detroit veteran works to help his neighborhood see itself differently

May 20, 2019

Model D visits past Working with Lots grantee Ron Matten during the 2019 Motor City Makeover. Click to read the full article.

DFC Strategic Framework

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Growing Detroit's African-American Middle Class

A deep dive look into the growth, attraction & retention of the middle-class households.
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