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In the Media

Friends of the Rouge to host green infrastructure panel discussion

November 26, 2014

Friends of the Rouge will host its annual membership meeting and dinner Dec. 9 at Glen Oaks Country Club in Farmington Hills. Registration will begin at 5:30 p.m., followed by dinner and a special program. The business meeting will begin at 7:20 p.m. Reservations are currently being accepted and all are welcome to attend. Dinner […]

DFC Studies Adaptive Re-use Best Practices in Germany

November 18, 2014

DFC Implementation Office Convener Chris Dorle, who is also a Strong Cities, Strong Communities Fellow with the German Marshall Fund of the United States, had the opportunity to take a self-directed study tour of Germany in October. The goal of the study tour was to research Germany’s best practices in sustainability and the adaptive reuse […]

Rapson: Detroit is on track for a positive future

November 12, 2014

With U.S. Judge Steven Rhodes’ acceptance of the stakeholder-approved plan of adjustment, our community will be the subject of every manner of intellectual, legal, political, and social discussion over the coming weeks. And we should welcome that. We have spent a year in profound struggle. About the legitimacy of non-elected decision-making. About the relative rights […]

Detroit Exits Bankruptcy—What’s Next for this City’s Nonprofits and Foundations?

November 10, 2014

Now that Detroit has “emerged” from bankruptcy with a deal with creditors, what next? For nonprofits and foundations, the challenges have not abated. In reality, while Detroit may have reached an agreement with creditors and pensioners to deal with the bankruptcy court, the city is still deeply troubled, with social and economic problems that remain […]

A Model in Detroit’s Post-bankruptcy Plan

November 9, 2014

Over the past century, Detroit has served as a world-class model in two areas: manufacturing (cars) and music (Motown). Now add a third: How to emerge from a municipal bankruptcy with amazing speed, cooperation, and hope. On Friday, a federal court approved a plan for the city that represents a well-negotiated sacrifice by various stakeholders […]

Neighborhoods Summit seeks to bust blight, improve city

November 2, 2014

Ralph Hall likens Detroit’s struggles with blight to the need for dental work. Blight has “run the city down,” he said today during a break in the fifth annual ARISE Detroit! Neighborhoods Rising Summit. “(Blight) is like bad teeth … not a good smile,” said the 55-year-old east-side resident. “Detroit needs some good dentists.” Hall […]

Detroit Strategic Framework

The DFC Strategic Framework, a shared vision for Detroit’s future, is the result of a massive, citywide public-engagement effort. It recommends a series of ideas, strategies and approaches on how to best use the city’s abundance of land, create job growth and economic prosperity, ensure vibrant neighborhoods, build an infrastructure that serves citizens at a reasonable cost, and maintain the high level of community engagement integral to the long-term revitalization of Detroit.
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The Field Guide to Working with Lots

The Field Guide to Working with Lots is a user-friendly tool to connect Detroit residents, businesses, and institutions to resources to learn, collaborate, and better practice land stewardship in Detroit. This step-by-step guide provides readers with instructions on how to transform vacant land in their neighborhoods into 38 landscape designs ranging from installation by beginning gardeners to professional contractors. View the interactive guide now.
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The State of Economic Equity

Detroit Future City’s (DFC) report, “The State of Economic Equity in Detroit,” illustrates the deep disparities that persist in Detroit and provides recommendations that provide a path to an economically equitable Detroit in which all Detroiters are meeting their unique needs, prospering, and fully and fairly participating in all aspects of economic life within a thriving city and region.
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