Detroit Future City FAQs

Detroit Future City FAQs

What is Detroit Future City?

DFC was formed to serve as the steward of the DFC Strategic Framework, which articulates a 50-year shared vision for Detroit’s future and recommends specific actions and resources for developing a vibrant and sustainable Detroit.

Does DFC have a plan?

Along with stewarding the Framework, DFC is implementing a five-year strategic plan that focuses on four key areas driven by shared principles and values.

What does DFC do on a daily basis?

Our role is to steward the equitable implementation of the recommendations made in the Strategic Framework through providing access and information to Detroiters, informing and guiding decision-makers’ initiatives and projects, and coordinating the collaboration of key stakeholders.

How is DFC governed?

Led by Executive Director Anika Goss, DFC is governed by an independent board of directors that represents the diverse interests and priorities of the people of Detroit.

What are the priorities of DFC?

DFC’s actions over the next five years segment into three categories:

Land Use and Sustainability

Community and Economic Development


How will DFC fulfill these priorities?

DFC will fulfill these priorities by:

•Convening stakeholders from the public and private sectors to conduct research and to develop best practices.

•Proving maintenance support and technical assistance to local land stewards.

•Identifying incentives and funding mechanisms to encourage green infrastructure improvements and entrepreneurialism.

•Ensuring input from Detroit residents.

What are the services offered by DFC?

The services provided to initiatives that meet DFC’s criteria include:


•Project management

•Data analysis


•Strategic coordination




•Concept development

What criteria does DFC use to determine the projects that will be offered its support and services?

Projects must:

•Demonstrate impact and alignment with the DFC Strategic Framework.

•Inform or be informed by best practices that advance the recommendations of the DFC Strategic Framework.


Additional project criteria taken into consideration include:

• Involving multiple DFC Strategic Framework elements and/or strategies.

• Being geographically aligned with the DFC Strategic Framework.

• Having community support.

•Having a clearly defined timeline.

How is DFC funded?

DFC has been funded by the Kresge Foundation, the Erb Family Foundation, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, the Americana Foundation, and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation.

What is DFC’s relationship with the City of Detroit and the Mayor’s Office?

DFC has a strong, collaborative, working relationship with the City of Detroit and the Mayor’s Office. The City of Detroit is one of the many community partners involved with helping to implement the DFC Strategic Framework. Representatives from the City of Detroit serve on the DFC board and as members of working groups.

What other organizations can I connect with to learn about projects that are impacting Detroit?

Dedicated to empowerment, DFC connects Detroiters to local organizations that provide tools and resources that encourage the resurgence of land stewardship.

Our local partnerships achieve the recommendations of the DFC Strategic Framework, engage communities and improve the quality of life for all Detroiters.

Learn about these local partnerships here or contact us at

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