Growing Detroit’s African-American Middle Class

February 17, 2019

Detroit Future City’s (DFC) report “Growing Detroit’s African American Middle Class” builds off of previous work in “139 Square Miles” Detroit Future City takes a deep dive look into the African American middle class in Detroit.  This demographic is one of importance for the city and can be used as a measure to track the equitable growth of the city.

In this report, we focus on the people, place and economy in Detroit and the region. “Growing Detroit’s African American Middle Class” set forth the ambitious goal of increasing the number of middle-class households in the city by 33,700 to achieve a balance of middle class households that is comparable to the US and the region.

This report also focuses on the places where the middle class live, and recommends building strong middle-class neighborhoods to attract and retain middle class within the city of Detroit.

Click here to read the full report.


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