A Detroit Property Owner’s Guide to Bioretention

A Detroit Property Owner’s Guide to Bioretention

Manage stormwater on your non-residential property and get DWSD credit

Have you tried to understand stormwater management in Detroit?


Are you interested in installing a Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) practice on your property, but need more information about how to get the project done?


Would you like to invest in a GSI practice that could beautify your property and potentially improve your bottom line through a DWSD drainage credit?


If so, the Detroit Property Owner’s Guide to Bioretention is for you.


This guide will be particularly useful for small business owners, nonprofits and faith-based organizations in Detroit who are looking to retrofit or add a GSI practice to their existing property. This guide will provide details on how to plan for and implement a bioretention basin on your non-residential property to better manage stormwater.


The guide was developed by DFC in collaboration with the Land+WaterWORKS Coalition, supported by the Erb Family Foundation.


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Stay tuned for upcoming workshops

COMING SOON: Learn how to manage stormwater on your non-residential property and get Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DSWD) drainage charge credits.


Who Should Attend?

Business owners, nonprofits, or faith-based organizations with non-residential property who are interested in adding Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) to better manage stormwater.


In these upcoming workshops, you will learn:

The basics of stormwater management and GSI.

Key information on DWSD’s drainage charge and Green Credit Program.

What Bioretention is and how to determine if it will work on your site.

A process for designing and implementing a bioretention practice and applying for the DWSD drainage charge credit.

Funding opportunities to help pay for GSI practices on your property.


More class dates coming soon!

Consulting Services for Property Owners

Schedule Your Assessment Appointment Today

DFC is also providing GSI consultation services, in which our GSI experts will manage the often-demanding processes outlined in the Guide for commercial property owners, such as small businesses, nonprofits and faith-based organizations. Below are the details of our services. If you are interested, reach out to us for a free on-site consultation meeting.



We will get to know your property and your community, review your DWSD bills and assess your eligibility for DWSD credits and feasibility for green stormwater infrastructure (GSI).



We will apply for a DWSD bill appeal if your property is being charged incorrectly. We will also apply for DWSD credit and adjustment applications to earn your property credits if you are currently eligible to receive any credits immediately.


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We will prepare a customized GSI design for your site that maximizes benefits for you and your community. We will optimize DWSD credits through the design process and work within your ideal budget.



We prepare and submit an application to the DWSD Capital Partnership Program (CPP) on your behalf. We will check in with DWSD throughout their review to ensure a smooth process.



We manage the final design & engineering and construction of your GSI installation, working to create the most successful project for you and your community. Our team offers resources to help you educate community members around the benefits of GSI and your project.



After the successful implementation of your GSI project, we develop a planting and maintenance plan for your project to thrive in the establishment period and long-term. We work with you to find a landscaping contractor to plant your practice or help you engage volunteers to install plants yourself.



After the successful installation and planting of your project, we help to obtain DWSD credits for the project to reduce your DWSD bill. We also help you to obtain reimbursement for your project from your CPP grant, if awarded.


Thank you to the Land + Water WORKS Bioretenton Work Group Participants:


Andre Brooks, ABE Engineering

Don Carpenter, Drummond Carpenter

John Delisle, Natural Community Services

Fai Foen, The Greening of Detroit

Shannan Gibb-Randall, InSite Design Studio

Donna Givens, Eastside Community Network

Sarah Hayosh, Detroit Future City

Lauren Hoffman, LivingLAB

Drew Lucco, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

Steve Jar, City of Detroit Buildings, Safety Engineering & Environmental Department

Dan Morris, Michigan Hardscapes

Victoria Olivier, Detroit Future City

Cynthia Ross, Friends of the Rouge

Valerie Strassberg, The Nature Conservancy

Abby Varner, Hamp, Matthews & Associates

Lisa Wallick, Detroit Water & Sewerage Department

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Manage stormwater on a non-residential property.
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