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In the Media

Detroit Future City’s proposal for large tracts of land and open space

September 30, 2016

To build Detroit’s future, first you have to tear down a lot of its past. That’s the essence of a bold plan to revive the nation’s 21st largest city after decades of shrinking population, economic decline and a crushing bankruptcy two years ago that forced painful choices on the city leaders, investors, public workers, and […]

Data from survey proved invaluable in shaping the Detroit Future City plan

September 29, 2016

Detroit’s most immediate challenge was its required contributions to its major employee pension funds. Meeting that obligation would require drastic cuts to city services – police, fire, transportation, education – accelerating a half-century trend that saw the city’s population shrink from a peak of 1.8 million in 1950 to approximately 700,000 at the time of […]

Detroit Future City amongst Business Leaders to Speaks at Reap Summit on Orlando Blueprint’s Minority Business Success

September 26, 2016

Dr. Calvin Avant, the President of Unity in the Family Ministry, has announced Vernice Atkins-Bradley as an Orlando African American Business Leader who will speak at the REAP Community and Economic Development Summit slated for September 30TH and October 1st on the Orlando Blueprint.  The Orlando Blueprint was an agreement between government, the business community, […]

30 Top Landscape Architecture Projects Earn 2016 ASLA Professional Awards

September 21, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sept. 1, 2016 – The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is excited to announce its 30 professional award recipients for 2016. Selected from 456 entries, the awards honor top public, commercial, residential, institutional, planning, communications and research projects in the U.S. and around the world. ASLA 2016 Award of Excellence, Residential […]

Impact of ‘National Treasure’ status for Jefferson-Chalmers to take a while

September 15, 2016

Ray Cronk is a realist when it comes to improvements in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood, where he owns a record store and a coffee shop. It will take time “before this becomes a walkable, destination neighborhood,” he said, even with Jefferson-Chalmers being named a National Treasure by the private nonprofit National Trust for Historic Preservation this […]

Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood gets National Treasure status

September 7, 2016

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is to announce this morning that the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood on Detroit’s far east side has been designated a National Treasure. This will be Michigan’s first National Treasure, and just one of 70 in the United States. The Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood, with residential and commercial buildings built primarily in the 1920s, […]

How Grand Rapids, other cities are prepping for next big storm

September 2, 2016

Getting rid of water that fell during a thunderstorm used to be a simple thing. The ground took its share, downspouts drained rooftops, and much of the rest found its way into gutters and storm sewers and on into the nearest body of water. The sun took care of the puddles. That’s still the general […]

Detroit banks on green infrastructure to rescue city from heavy rains

September 1, 2016

Detroit has a water problem. Or, more correctly, it has a stormwater problem. Every time it rains, Detroit officials cross their fingers in hopes the city’s antiquated sewer system can handle the volume of stormwater that gets flushed into thousands of drains in parking lots and along city streets. In many cases, those drains are […]

Detroit Strategic Framework

The DFC Strategic Framework, a shared vision for Detroit’s future, is the result of a massive, citywide public-engagement effort. It recommends a series of ideas, strategies and approaches on how to best use the city’s abundance of land, create job growth and economic prosperity, ensure vibrant neighborhoods, build an infrastructure that serves citizens at a reasonable cost, and maintain the high level of community engagement integral to the long-term revitalization of Detroit.
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The Field Guide to Working with Lots

The Field Guide to Working with Lots is a user-friendly tool to connect Detroit residents, businesses, and institutions to resources to learn, collaborate, and better practice land stewardship in Detroit. This step-by-step guide provides readers with instructions on how to transform vacant land in their neighborhoods into 38 landscape designs ranging from installation by beginning gardeners to professional contractors. View the interactive guide now.
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The State of Economic Equity

Detroit Future City’s (DFC) report, “The State of Economic Equity in Detroit,” illustrates the deep disparities that persist in Detroit and provides recommendations that provide a path to an economically equitable Detroit in which all Detroiters are meeting their unique needs, prospering, and fully and fairly participating in all aspects of economic life within a thriving city and region.
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