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Detroit Future City amongst Business Leaders to Speaks at Reap Summit on Orlando Blueprint’s Minority Business Success

September 26, 2016

Dr. Calvin Avant, the President of Unity in the Family Ministry, has announced Vernice Atkins-Bradley as an Orlando African American Business Leader who will speak at the REAP Community and Economic Development Summit slated for September 30TH and October 1st on the Orlando Blueprint.  The Orlando Blueprint was an agreement between government, the business community, and the city’s neighborhoods to utilize the development and construction of new facilities in the city to make significant and long-term impact in Orlando’s minority neighborhoods and the community at-large.  Atkins-Bradley was provided input into the design of Orlando Blueprint’s program and then became involved in its implementation.

Dr. Avant commented that the summit’s community engagement process is being designed in a similar way.  The business community, local government, and Pensacola and Escambia County neighborhoods are being asked to provide input in the development of the local blueprint for the acquisition of BP Oil Spill Settlement funds for community and economic development. Once the local blueprint is developed it is anticipated that jobs and business opportunities will follow for the minority community.

Vernice Atkins-Bradley has been involved in excess of $5.5 billion dollars in various real estate developments and construction of projects, spanning over 25 years. In her role as President/CEO of Votum Construction, a company she co-founded with Teska Dillard, she provides management oversight and directs all daily business operations, which includes but not limited to strategic planning to advance the company’s mission and objectives; generate revenue; promote profitability and growth for its employees. She serves as the Executive Coach to Senior Level Managers. She also develops and implements strategies to keep a positive image for the company and strong relations with clients as wells direct marketing and promote services performed by the company to obtain a competitive position in the industry.

Her business development strategies have led her company to be a partner in the construction of several notable projects in Central Florida; Projects such as Barry Law School – Legal Advocacy Center, Rock Springs Elementary School, Florida Citrus Bowl Rebuild, and most recently the Orlando Soccer Stadium. Prior to starting her company, Atkins-Bradley was employed by Turner Construction for nearly 11 years and spent the latter two years serving as their Southeast Regional Director of Community Affairs and Business Development.

The Pensacola-Gulf Coast Regional Equity to Achieve Prosperity (REAP) Summit will be held at the Pensacola Grand Hotel (formerly the Crown Plaza) in the Downtown area.  There will be local and regional speakers in addition to Atkins-Bradley.  There will also be a special guest speaker from Detroit, Michigan, Ms. Anika Goss-Foster the Executive Director of the Detroit Future City Project.

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