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In the Media

Detroit Future City Hosts a Gallery Exhibition of Globally Significant Industrial Adaptive Reuse Precedents From Europe

February 26, 2016

Detroit Opportunity Sites: Detroit Future City Hosts a Gallery Exhibition of Globally Significant Industrial Adaptive Reuse Precedents from Europe. On February 25, the Detroit Future City (DFC) Implementation Office partnered with the German Marshall Fund (GMF) of the United States to host a trans-Atlantic exchange of ideas, economies, and dedication in order to identify opportunities to transform […]

February development news round-up: Breweries, apartments, vacant lots, and more

February 23, 2016

It’s been another busy month for development news in the city. Let’s catch up on some of the biggest stories from the past four weeks. Granite City opened its latest restaurant and brewery location in the Renaissance Center earlier this month. It’s the largest location for the chain eatery and on-site brewery, which first opened […]

Filling Vacant Lots With Neighbourhood Projects

February 16, 2016

Given the high value of real estate in Toronto these days, it might seem ludicrous to abandon property. But, within the city and beyond its borders, it can be a common occurrence. This phenomenon has been especially visible in Detroit. In fact, we’ve written in this space before about the city’s plague of abandoned property. […]

New zoning in Midtown would emphasize walkability

February 15, 2016

The strip mall may become an endangered species in big parts of Detroit’s Midtown, as boosters of the hot neighborhood push for a future that would frown on parking lots and aim for a continuous “street wall” of buildings. To achieve that goal, they want a new kind of city zoning to apply to a […]

Vacant Lots Get New Life with Detroit Future City Mini-Grants

February 5, 2016

If you’ve wondered what an empty lot in your neighborhood could be used for, there could be a group of like-minded citizens planning a youth program or a gathering space on that very spot. Fifteen grassroots organizations from around Detroit received a share of $65,000 in mini-grants from Detroit Future City (DFC) to transform vacant […]

2016 Field Guide Mini Grant Winners

February 5, 2016

The Detroit Future City (DFC) Field Guide to Working with Lots is a tool that provides step-by-step instruction to support Detroiters in transforming vacant land in order to create cleaner, safer and more attractive neighborhoods. The Detroit Future City (DFC) Implementation Office developed the Field Guide mini grant program to encourage Detroit residents, community groups and […]

Detroit Strategic Framework

The DFC Strategic Framework, a shared vision for Detroit’s future, is the result of a massive, citywide public-engagement effort. It recommends a series of ideas, strategies and approaches on how to best use the city’s abundance of land, create job growth and economic prosperity, ensure vibrant neighborhoods, build an infrastructure that serves citizens at a reasonable cost, and maintain the high level of community engagement integral to the long-term revitalization of Detroit.
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The Field Guide to Working with Lots

The Field Guide to Working with Lots is a user-friendly tool to connect Detroit residents, businesses, and institutions to resources to learn, collaborate, and better practice land stewardship in Detroit. This step-by-step guide provides readers with instructions on how to transform vacant land in their neighborhoods into 38 landscape designs ranging from installation by beginning gardeners to professional contractors. View the interactive guide now.
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The State of Economic Equity

Detroit Future City’s (DFC) report, “The State of Economic Equity in Detroit,” illustrates the deep disparities that persist in Detroit and provides recommendations that provide a path to an economically equitable Detroit in which all Detroiters are meeting their unique needs, prospering, and fully and fairly participating in all aspects of economic life within a thriving city and region.
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