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Detroit Future City is a think tank, a policy advocate, and an innovation engine developing data-driven strategies to create a more equitable and sustainable future for Detroit.

Detroit Future City Sets Bold Agenda for 2030

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Detroit Future City (DFC) developed a 2030 plan that doubles down on the organization's agenda to grow Detroit’s middle class, centralizing its research, programs, advocacy and engagement to help increase this population that once defined the city and is vital to its future sustainability. Watch our 2030 video below!

Register for DFC’s Third Annual Equity Forum

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DFC is hosting its third annual Equity Forum, bringing the community together to inspire innovative ideas and collective action. Join us for a conversation that intends to inspire action that will advance economic equity and overall quality of life for all Detroiters.

DFC Presents "Understanding the Rental Landscape: A Profile Analysis of Detroit Landlords to Inform Lead-Safe Housing Policy"

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DFC's new report, "Understanding the Rental Landscape," details how the number of landlords within Detroit, and classifying them into distinct typologies, helps to better understand Detroit's rental housing system.

DFC Presents "Middle Wage Jobs"

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DFC's new report, "Middle Wage Jobs," details how middle-wage jobs are defined and calculated, followed by a deep dive into recent trends, a snapshot of the demographic characteristics of middle-wage job holders, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on those jobs.

DFC Presents “Buying In: Opportunities for Increasing Homeownership in Detroit”

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DFC’s new report is an immediate follow-up to the economic equity report. “Buying In,” examines trends, challenges and solutions for increasing homeownership through mortgage lending. This report defines a mortgage loan as more than just a pathway to homeownership, but an indicator of capital flow and a building block of economic equity and growth, neighborhood stability, and wealth building for people of color.

Watch The Center's discussion on Growing and Retaining Detroit's Black Middle Class

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The Innovation series seeks to inform, inspire, challenge, and activate cross sector innovation to advance economic equity in Detroit and the region. Catch up with The Center and watch the discussion on why growing and retaining the African American middle class in Detroit is an indication of economic equity.

DFC and EcoWorks Presents “Green Alleys: Detroit’s Opportunity for Innovation”

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The new report highlights green alleys as a transformative green stormwater infrastructure and alley activation strategy, exploring the history of green alley projects in Detroit and around the country.

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