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Detroit Future City is a think tank, a policy advocate, and an innovation engine developing data-driven strategies to create a more equitable and sustainable future for Detroit.

Detroit Future City Releases New Report on Black Bottom and Paradise Valley Neighborhoods

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Detroit Future City released a new report, A Call for Reparative Investment in Black Bottom Paradise Valley, calling for a reparative investment strategy to reverse the immense loss of Black wealth, culture and community that occurred in the name of urban renewal, including the loss experienced as a result of the destruction of historic Black Bottom and Paradise Valley neighborhoods.

You’re Invited to Detroit Future City's 2023 Equity Forum Events!

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Detroit Future City is hosting a deep discussion that will explore a vision for a thriving and resilient Detroit through connections and conversations. Added to this years’ event, DFC is hosting a first-ever pre-event reception which aims to celebrate DFC’s work to advance initiatives that grow the number of resilient, thriving neighborhoods and disrupt systemic racism, poverty, and other inequities to grow household income and wealth for Black Detroiters and other Detroiters of color.

Detroit Future City's CEO, Anika Goss, Discussed Detroit's Climate Crisis at TED Countdown Summit

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How can cities become resilient to the shocks of climate change? As a leading force behind Detroit's ongoing revitalization, Anika Goss spends a lot of time thinking about this question. Connecting the city's industrial past to its sustainable future, she explores the link between climate vulnerability and economic inequity, offering a vision for responding to both challenges at once.

Detroit Future City Presents Two New Reports About Homeownership!

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The reports, “Home Sales in Detroit” and “Black Homebuyer Demand,” examine the housing market in Detroit and the region, and provide data to help strengthen the city’s homebuying market, a primary indicator of economic health and factor in Detroiters’ opportunity to build generational wealth.

Detroit Future City Sets Bold Agenda for 2030

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Detroit Future City developed a 2030 plan that doubles down on the organization's agenda to grow Detroit’s middle class, centralizing its research, programs, advocacy and engagement to help increase this population that once defined the city and is vital to its future sustainability. Watch our 2030 video below!

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