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Detroit Future City is a think tank, a policy advocate, and an innovation engine developing data-driven strategies to create a more equitable and sustainable future for Detroit.

Happy National Homeownership Month - Celebrate with DFC!

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June is National Homeownership Month. Detroit Future City is celebrating the value that owning a home brings to families, communities, and neighborhoods across Detroit and the region. From those buying their first homes to those striving to maintain and improve their homes, Detroit Future City is supporting Detroiters in their homeownership goals.

Detroit Future City Presents "Funding Equitable Community and Economic Development: The Role of Philanthropy in Advancing Economic Equity"

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The report identifies focus areas for advancing economic equity through investments in community and economic development, and presents a framework for how philanthropic organizations working in Detroit can support in closing economic equity gaps.

Detroit Future City Presents "Growth Occupations: Opportunities for more equitable participation in Detroit’s Growing Economy"

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This report identifies the top growth occupations in Metro Detroit, illustrates the inequitable access to this set of fast-growing well-paying jobs, and offers solutions to better connect Detroit’s workers to the region’s growing occupations.

Detroit Future City Sets Bold Agenda for 2030

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Detroit Future City developed a 2030 plan that doubles down on the organization's agenda to grow Detroit’s middle class, centralizing its research, programs, advocacy and engagement to help increase this population that once defined the city and is vital to its future sustainability. Watch our 2030 video below!

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