Detroit Neighborhood Housing Compact Resources – Affordable, Sustainable Homeownership

Detroit Neighborhood Housing Compact Resources – Affordable, Sustainable Homeownership

Our Resources Related to Increasing Affordable, Sustainable Homeownership

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The Detroit Neighborhood Housing Compact is a forum for regular collaboration and collective action by more than 80 public, private and non-profit stakeholders.

The Compact’s central goal is to increase the availability of stable, healthy, and affordable single-family homes for both renters and homeowners in Detroit. In doing so, we continue to collect relevant information and make them accessible to all.

Below, you will find resources as it relates to increasing affordable, sustainable homeownership in Detroit.

Resources Related to Increasing Affordable, Sustainable Detroit Housing

The following resources can be used to help increase the availability of move-in ready homes for sale to new homebuyers.

Potential Incentives Available to New or Current Homeowners in Detroit - 2020 Program Overviews

Built in 2020, the Detroit Neighborhood Housing Compact collected information on the various residential loans and assistance programs throughout the City of Detroit and Wayne County.

DFC & Detroit Neighborhood Housing Compact's Homebuyer Resources Directory - 2020

DFC and the DNHC created a comprehensive list of Detroit/Wayne County housing education and counseling organizations and programs who can provide further assistance regarding:

Homebuyer Loan Programs

Property Improvement Programs and Utility Assistance

Down Payment Assistance Programs

Neighbor to Neighbor: The First Detroit Property Tax Foreclosure Census - 2019

This report is the product of an unprecedented community-led tax foreclosure prevention effort called Neighbor to Neighbor, a project inspired by the legacy and mission of Motor City Mapping. Neighbor to Neighbor sought to:

1. Investigate the human costs of tax foreclosure.
2. Test a model for community-led early intervention to
prevent tax foreclosures.
3. Inform solutions that can address the tax foreclosure.

Strategies to Rebuild Detroit's Homebuyer Ecosystem - December 2016

As a result of efforts to increase home buying and mortgages, new resources are available. Down payment programs are offered by several sources in the Detroit market. This paper focuses on two questions: What else can be done to restore the home buying ecosystem in Detroit? And what can be done to align the resources and organizational effort to restore the home buying ecosystem?

Detroit Tax Foreclosure Prevention Interventions Matrix

This matrix is intended to simply outline a framework to examine property tax foreclosure prevention interventions, provide an initial list and summary of interventions either implemented or proposed by a wide range of
organizations, and identify where these interventions may fall in the property taxation and foreclosure process. The observations reflected in this matrix do not constitute or include legal advice and all interventions and observations provided by CCP are subject to the review and guidance of local counsel.

Affordable & Sustainable Homeownership Updates by Cinnaire and CHN Housing Partners- 2019

Cinnaire and CHN Housing Partners introduce a number of programs that lead to affordable and sustainable homeownership through single-family leasing and purchasing.

Detroit Neighborhood Housing Compact

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Reducing Household Displacement

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Improving Low-Income Housing Conditions

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Increasing Affordable, Sustainable Homeownership

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