Sarah Hayosh

Stormwater Innovation Manager
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Sarah Hayosh serves as the Stormwater Innovation Manager for Detroit Future City (DFC). In this role, Sarah develops concepts and conducts research and data analysis for reports and publications to advance issues related to open space and green stormwater infrastructure. This includes providing support to organizations looking to develop plans for and implement green stormwater infrastructure, connecting policy and research to neighborhood level planning and implementation, and providing technical assistance and capacity building support to community partners seeking alignment with the DFC Strategic Framework.

Sarah has extensive experience working in green infrastructure in Detroit. Prior to joining DFC, she was a designer and project manager at the Detroit Collaborative Design Center, where she developed landscape strategies for public spaces through community-engaged design processes. She also served as a co-founder and designer for Keep Growing Detroit. In this role, she helped steward Detroit residents toward becoming food sovereign communities. Additionally, Sarah served as an open space program coordinator and project manager for The Greening of Detroit, where she led a pilot program which supported the maintenance and recreational programming of three greenways, as well as led to the design and installation of greenspace projects on 160 vacant lots.

Sarah has a master’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree in economics and program in the environment from the University of Michigan.