Through research, engagement, and analysis, Detroit Future City (DFC) develops relevant and accessible resources to promote a more equitable and sustainable future for Detroit. DFC provides up-to-date information to empower residents and other key stakeholders with data and information to help shape Detroit’s revitalization. Research topics include economic and racial equity, open space, green stormwater infrastructure, housing and much more.

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Buying In: Opportunities for Increasing Homeownership in Detroit Through Mortgage Lending

Detroit Future City’s (DFC) report, “Buying In: Opportunities for Increasing Homeownership in Detroit,” details comprehensive data which examines trends, challenges and solutions for increasing homeownership through mortgage lending.

Our goal is to inform readers about the mortgage process, barriers to homeownership and the challenges, opportunities and solutions to improve the city’s home purchase market. The report analyzes three focus areas – the lending process, homebuyer pipeline, and neighborhood and housing quality.

Buying In: Opportunities for Increasing Homeownership in Detroit is the first major report released since the 2021 report, The State of Economic Equity in Detroit. This report presents DFC’s belief that homeownership is a building block of economic equity and growth, neighborhood stability, and wealth building for people of color.

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