Land Use


Fulfill Policy and Regulatory Reform

Detroit has changed dramatically since the mid-1900s and the policies and regulations used to guide development in the City require similar change to acknowledge a smaller population, prepare for a larger economy, and incorporate new, innovative land uses. The Master Plan of Policies needs to be updated to elevate its status and utility – making it more accessible and creating transparency and certainty for stakeholders.

In coordination with the updates to the City’s Master Plan of Policies, the City’s Zoning Ordinance and other regulations need to be updated to allow for innovative land uses, strategic, place-based investment, streamlined permitting processes, and targeted code enforcement.

Many of the other near-term priorities rely on fulfilling policy and regulatory reform, primarily ‘Transform Vacant Land’ (Land and Building Assets Element) and ‘Renew Systems’ (City Systems Element).


Master Plan of Policies Project Initiation

Work with City leadership, staff, and other stakeholders to initiate an update to the City’s Master Plan of Policies. Specifically, work with the City to update the land use classifications and definitions in the Master Plan to reflect the recommendations of the Detroit Future City (DFC) Strategic Framework and translate these ideas, strategies and actions into city-wide policies. DFC will also review and provide feedback on proposed amendments to the Master Plan’s Future General Land Use Map.

Zoning Ordinance Update Project Initiation

Work with City leadership, staff, and other stakeholders to translate concepts from the DFC Strategic Framework into the Zoning Ordinance. Specifically, work with the City to prioritize updates to zoning designations based on coordination with the Master Plan update process. Participate in the City’s process to update existing zoning designations and the creation of new designations. Pursue opportunities to facilitate the rezoning of areas designated as District Centers and Neighborhood Centers in DFC to the newly updated mixed use zoning designations.