Brick + Beam Detroit

Detroit has a unique, character-rich building stock, but much of the city’s neighborhood fabric has been decimated by abandonment and blight, there is therefore an urgent need to deal with vacant and neglected buildings. Detroiters have long been reinvesting in their — and sometimes their neighbor’s — properties through the city’s toughest times. A recent crop of new residents are planting roots in Detroit, buying vacant or neglected structures and investing sweat equity into rehabbing them. However, these rehabs and reinvestments are happening piecemeal with little knowledge of one another’s projects or lessons learned — or knowledge of each other. There is a need for a centralized support network to connect rehabbers and property owners with resources and one another. Recognizing the complexity of rehabbing buildings married with unique complexities present in Detroit, the Michigan Historic Preservation Network, Detroit Future City Implementation Office (DFC), and Preservation Detroit have joined together to provide access to resources, share knowledge and talent, help demystify the process, and call building rehabbers to action.

Initiative lead: Victoria Olivier

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