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With the right planning, Detroit’s vast empty space could be an asset

August 24, 2015

In Detroit we have a real chance to do things with our land that no other major city in the world has ever done. From  growing food  and  producing solar power to planting trees and improving public health, Detroit’s 23 square miles  of vacant land  offers a future full of possibilities. That was the mood […]

Federal funds should help manage storms

August 19, 2015

Detroit will receive almost $9 million in federal disaster relief funds to help it prepare for future flooding. The money will go toward redevelopment projects in neighborhoods to better prepare the landscape for severe weather. It’s good news for Detroit, which suffered more than $630 million of damage in the epic flooding of August 2014. […]

Redesigning Detroit: Mayor Mike Duggan’s blueprint unveiled

August 18, 2015

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is a disciplined speaker whose message rarely varies from the nitty-gritty ways he and his administration are repairing the wounded city they inherited: Improving emergency response times, auctioning vacant homes, turning on street lights, demolishing abandoned property and trying to lower auto insurance rates. The mayor does not appear to consider […]

DFC’s Involvement with Resilience Technical Assistance

August 7, 2015

Overview – On August 11, 2014, the City of Detroit received 4.57 inches of rain, the second largest rainfall on record according to the National Weather Service. This severe weather overloaded Metro Detroit’s aging stormwater management system, leading to severe flooding of highways, disruption of Detroit’s economy and critical manufacturing and freight operations, damage to […]

DFC Strategic Framework

The Blueprint for Detroit's Future
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Growing Detroit's African-American Middle Class

A deep dive look into the growth, attraction & retention of the middle-class households.
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Detroit Property Owner's Guide to Bioretention

Manage stormwater on a non-residential property.
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The Field Guide to Working with Lots

View the full, interactive Field Guide online now.
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