Black Homebuyer Demand

June 20, 2023

“Black Homebuyer Demand” analyzes Black homebuyer mortgage applications in Metro Detroit to understand mortgage patterns and how demand has changed over the past 10 years, so that Detroit can continue to make investments in attracting and retaining Black homebuyers.

This report builds on DFC’s 2030 plan to grow the city’s Black middle class and other communities of color, presenting opportunities to build on the current trends in demand from Black homebuyers and continue to strengthen the city’s neighborhoods and make them attractive locations for potential homebuyers.

This report was released in conjunction with “Home Sales in Detroit” to examine the housing market in Detroit and the region and provides data to help strengthen the city’s homebuying market, a primary indicator of economic health and factor in Detroiters’ opportunity to build generational wealth.

“Black Homebuyer Demand” is a publication of DFC’s Center for Equity, Engagement and Research.

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