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Lansing and Detroit organizations work to address the need for single-family housing

January 30, 2024

In this Model D article, Sarah Spohn shares that as housing prices increase and the availability of safe, accessible units decreases. Many communities are looking inward to find a solution to the housing crisis. The article includes a quote from Chase Cantrell, Building Community Value’s executive director, that highlights Detroit Future City’s report.

“There’s a really great report that Detroit Future City put out a couple of years ago, called Understanding the Rental Landscape: a Profile Analysis of Detroit Landlords to Inform Lead-Safe Housing Policy, and they showed that 70% of the landlords in the city only own one or two properties,” Cantrell says. “These are residents of the city, these are our neighbors, not necessarily professionalized in the sense of having any corporate ownership, LLCs, corporations, etc.”

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