Detroit Neighborhood Housing Compact Newsletter – April 2021

June 4, 2021

Detroit Neighborhood Housing Compact April Newsletter

April Agendas

Rental Work Group

  • Renting Home: DFC Rental Brief Sneak Peak by Tom Goddeeris
    • DFC has been working on a rental brief since Fall 2020. The brief will outline the state of the single-family rental market in Detroit, and describe some of the key dynamics affecting Detroiters across the city. Tom Goddeeris, COO at DFC, will walk the Rental Workgroup through an early viewing of the rental brief.
  • Discussion
  • Partner Updates

Homeownership Work Group

  • Make- It-Home Program Findings by Alexa Eisenberg
    • This presentation will discuss the current landscape of home repair needs and resources in Detroit. U-M Poverty Solutions will present results of a recent evaluation of the United Community Housing Coalition’s (UCHC) Make it Home Repair Program, which is being used to address the critical home repair needs of a group of homeowners with low incomes in Detroit. The findings shed light on how access to home repair assistance can impact homeowners’ perceptions of their housing safety and stability, and may inform policy and program recommendations to reinforce homeownership in Detroit through home repair.
  • Discussion
  • Partner Updates
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Detroit Neighborhood Housing Compact March Meeting Recap

Rental Workgroup

In March, the Rental Workgroup heard from Chelsea Neblett from the Department of Neighborhoods. Chelsea presented on the COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) program and the City’s ongoing effort to support the program with effective community outreach. Check out the CERA landing page at MSHDA’s website HERE.

Homeownership Workgroup

The Homeownership Workgroup heard from Tiffany King and Karen Gagnon about MSHDA’s Statewide Housing Plan. The Statewide Housing Plan will be a living document with a vision for housing and is the first effort of it’s kind in Michigan. MSDHA wants to hear the voices of practitioners as they develop their plan. Be heard HERE.

We also heard from Laura Lyons about Data Driven Detroit’s Housing Information Portal. Laura gave us a quick demo of the portal, which is still in beta, and noted that D3 is looking for feedback on how to improve the platform. Check out the Housing Information Portal HERE.

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Partner Announcements

MSHDA Resources


Key to Own Homeownership Program: This program allows a family to purchase an approved home with MSHDA’s voucher assistance. MSHDA – Key to Own Homeownership Program (michigan.gov)

HCV Family Self Sufficiency Program: The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program provides for coordination of local, community-based resources that promote economic independence for families living in assisted housing. MSHDA – HCV Family Self-Sufficiency Program (michigan.gov)

Down Payment Assistance: MSHDA – The Michigan State Housing Development Authority adds MI 10K DPA Loan to homebuyer offerings

Housing Education from MSHDA: MSHDA – Housing Education (michigan.gov)

MSHDA MOD: MSHDA MOD provides a practical workforce housing solution and attracts income eligible (120% AMI) homebuyers to Michigan communities. MSHDA – MSHDA MOD (michigan.gov)

Neighborhood Enhancement Program: The NEP program provides MSHDA funding statewide for activities directly tied to stabilization and enhancement of Michigan neighborhoods by nonprofit 501(c)3 agencies and local units of government. MSHDA – Neighborhood Enhancement (michigan.gov)

Data Driven Detroit Housing Information Portal

The Housing Information Portal serves as a centralized source of information about housing and neighborhood-related demographics in Detroit.

This tool expands on our 2018 Housing Portal to provide even more detailed information about parcels and properties in Detroit neighborhoods, and the people who occupy them. For more information on the portal, click here. Access portal by clicking here and the button below.

Housing Information Portal


Detroit Strategic Framework
Economic Equity Dashboard