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Detroit Future City Seeking Applicants for Vacant Land Revitalization Grants

February 18, 2020

DETROIT – Detroit Future City (DFC) is offering grants to transform vacant land in Detroit into intentional and well-maintained landscapes as part of its fifth annual Working with Lots Program.


This year, Detroit-based grantees will receive between $7,000 and $10,000 to implement a selection of lot designs from the Field Guide to Working with Lots. This online resource serves as a toolkit for Detroiters to repurpose vacant land into enjoyable landscapes while managing stormwater more efficiently.


“These lots from the Field Guide are intentionally designed to help grantees beautify their neighborhoods and provide a safe public space to share with their community,” says Sarah Hayosh, DFC Director of Land Use and Sustainability. “Detroit Future City is proud to continue the transformative impact that the Working with Lots Program has in the city of Detroit.”


This year’s six lot design categories all have its own unique aspects, from the Perennial Propagator’s ability to regenerate plant material for additional projects to the Syrup Maker’s long-term potential for maple syrup returns.


The grant is open to community groups, small businesses, schools, faith-based institutions, and non-profit organizations. The group must either own or have written permission to do the project on vacant land in their community.


Thanks to funding provided by the Kresge Foundation, in the past four years, DFC has provided more than $325,000 in grants to over 40 organizations who continue to be passionate about improving their Detroit neighborhoods. Among the past grantees include Arboretum Detroit, NW Goldberg Cares, PizzaPlex.


For more information about the Working with Lots program and to apply for this year’s grants, visit



About Detroit Future City

Detroit Future City (DFC) is a nonprofit organization committed to maximizing impact and catalyzing long-term sustainability and quality of life in Detroit. The organization partners with residents, public, and private stakeholders through data-driven strategies to promote the advancement of land use and sustainability, as well as community and economic development. For more information, please visit

About Detroit Future City’s Working with Lots Program

The Working with Lots Program inspires land stewardship in Detroit through educational resources and annual grant awards. The Field Guide to Working with Lots provides instructions and ideas for landscape designs to transform vacant land into community assets. For more information, visit


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