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Detroit Future City to host Working with Lots “Best Practices” Workshop During Detroit Design 139’s Month of Design

September 9, 2019

Working with Lots program and four Detroit-based organizations to share secrets to vacant land transformation success

DETROIT—Detroit Future City (DFC) will host a free learning workshop at the Alger Theater on September 10 at 6 p.m. as a part of Detroit Design 139’s (DD139) Month of Design. Titled “Working with Lots Designs,” the workshop will demonstrate how the Working with Lots Program and the Field Guide to Working with Lots builds capacity for community-led transformation projects using plant material and design.
Rooted in the priorities of DFC’s Strategic Framework, the Field Guide to Working with Lots is an accessible step-by-step tool that uses planting material and design to improve Detroit communities. Nearly 40 lot design options are available for community groups to begin their blight elimination efforts and side lot dispositions while creating unique assets in Detroit neighborhoods.

“Through the Working with Lots program, community members are transforming vacant Detroit lots into beautiful and safe social spaces that are also attracting pollinators and managing stormwater,” Shari William, DFC Community Partnerships Manager, says. “We’re looking forward to DD139 participants become inspired by the best practices and implement stewardship in their communities.”

Since 2016, DFC has invested over $330,000 in communities and vacant land transformation through the Working with Lots program. During the workshop, four Detroit-based organizations who benefited from the program will share their crucial tips and tricks for vacant lot transformation success.

– The Yorkshire Woods Community Association will discuss how their grassroots efforts raised enough money to acquire nearly 10 lots, which are all either transformed or in the process of being transformed into a community asset.

– Canfield Consortium, a nonprofit community development organization, will discuss how community interest and involvement expanded neighborhood beautification efforts and raised additional funds and resources for their project.

– Nonprofit organization 360 Detroit, Inc. will discuss how their project grew into a large-scale vacant land transformation and also share an unconventional method to land acquisition.

– The Southwest Detroit Business Association will share how their stormwater-capturing project became eligible for a Detroit Water and Sewage Department drainage credit.


DFC encourages community groups, faith-based institutions, non-profits, and businesses to register for the free workshop. The Alger Theater is located at 16451 East Warren Ave. in Detroit. Visit to reserve your spot. To learn more about DFC’s Working with Lots program, please visit



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