Detroit Future City: The Buzz

June 14, 2016

The DFC Implementation Office’s The Buzz initiative is a collaborative opportunity for Detroit-based barbers and mowers—whether professional landscapers, block clubs who know how to mow, or grounds crews from across the city— to work together through a series of activities to create barber-inspired mowing patterns for vacant lots in Detroit. The Buzz will lift up existing, neighborhood-based entrepreneurs who are interested in showcasing how a multitude of voices, professions and skills can viably contribute solutions to Detroit’s land management strategies through a dialogue about the potential of vacant land in Detroit.

Mowers and barbers will come together for a meet and greet informational session to facilitate a dialogue about style trends and land management in June.  The Buzz will host a workshop that pairs off mowers and barbers for a work day where participants will design, test and cut creative mowing patterns in July. Later the same day, there will be a community celebration to showcase the newly developed mowing patterns and to continue the dialogue regarding land stewardship in the community. In August, the DFC Implementation Office will host a gallery presenting photos, videos and profile bios for all participants.

The Buzz is funded through the Knight Foundation’s Cities Challenge, and is a partnership that includes Urban Neighborhood Initiatives, the East Side Community Network, and the City of Detroit’s General Services Department.

For more information or to get involved with The Buzz, please email or call 313-259-4407. Follow The Buzz on social media using hashtag #dfcBUZZ.


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