November 2014 E-Newsletter: Land & Building Resources Priority: Transforming Vacant Land into an Innovative Open Space Network

November 15, 2015

The DFC Strategic Framework designates areas for strategic growth, areas for neighborhood stabilization and other areas for transformation into an innovative open space network.

This open space network provides the opportunity to transform the city’s enormous vacant land liability into an open space amenity, drastically improving the quality of life for Detroiters by:

  • Improving public health and environmental quality by cleaning air, water and soil through the use of vacant land for forests, green buffers and blue infrastructure
  • Generating food, jobs, energy and commerce through innovative open space land uses
  • Connecting neighborhoods and employment districts through greenways
  • Providing opportunities for recreation and play

The DFC Implementation Office’s efforts to catalyze the transformation of Detroit’s vacant land into an open space network are being moved forward on several fronts. Contributing to Public Policy We are currently initiating an open space technical planning process to refine the open space concept laid out in the DFC Strategic Framework and to support community-led work related to open space. This will be achieved by working with stakeholders and partners through a robust community engagement process to create an integrated open space plan for the city of Detroit. This plan can be used in the future to inform public policy, resource allocation and strategic investment throughout the city.



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