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The Detroit hustle: When love for the city goes beyond the 9-to-5

December 17, 2014

Allandra Bulger and Michael Forsyth know what it means to hustle.

Both are part of the Detroit Revitalization Fellows, a two-year leadership program of Wayne State University that matches mid-career urban professionals with partner organizations in the city.

Forsyth is a member of the inaugural cohort, which began in 2011. Bulger is in the second group of fellows, which began in 2013. The next cohort of urban leaders will begin its two-year fellowship period next summer.

While the work Forsyth and Bulger do inside the program has been impressive, it is outside the formal boundaries of the fellowship that the two have used skills for what we call “the Detroit hustle.”

Those skills will come in handy in sustaining projects, artistic and entrepreneurial, long after their tenure as fellows is over. Forsyth is a partner in the Detroit City Distillery, which opened in Eastern Market at end of this summer. Bulger does her hustle as a writer, rapper, and emcee. She is part of the Detroit hip hop community and involved with an emerging group of women artists in the scene.

The Detroit hustle: When love for the city goes beyond the 9-to-5
Walter Wasacz, December 16, 2014, Model D


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