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Detroit Future City Implementation Office Activates 52 Pilot Initiatives

December 9, 2014

After activating 52 pilot initiatives in 2014, the Detroit Future City (DFC) Implementation Office has solidified its position as the team local leaders call-on to help strategically coordinate actions and inform decisions for catalyzing the transformation of Detroit.

“It’s been an extremely productive year that gives us plenty to build upon in 2015,” said Kenneth Cockrel, Jr., Executive Director, DFC Implementation Office. “We successfully advanced projects and coordinated with millions of dollars in investment by providing resources, expertise and counsel to our partners, engaging the community around critical matters such as blight remediation, and piloting innovative initiatives to develop best practices for the future of the city.”

The DFC Implementation Office worked in partnership with 93 different agencies from federal, state and local government, civic groups, philanthropic foundations and education entities on piloting initiatives aligned with its Implementation Priorities — Employ more Detroiters, Fulfill Policy and Regulatory Reform, Renew City Systems, Stabilize Neighborhoods and Transform Vacant Land.

Detroit Future City Implementation Office Activates 52 Pilot Initiatives
AJ Williams, December 8, 2014, Michigan Chronicle 


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