October 2014 E-Newsletter: DFC’s Neighborhood Priority: Improving the Quality of Life in Neighborhoods

October 15, 2014

The DFC Strategic Framework recommends a variety of ways to strengthen Detroit’s neighborhoods by celebrating existing assets and strengths, while addressing specific challenges. The goal is to improve our quality of life in Detroit, with more sustainable, inviting, affordable, and diverse places to live.

The DFC Implementation Office’s Neighborhoods Priority focuses on stabilization through efforts to eliminate blight, improve public safety and improve neighborhood-level quality of place. Additionally, through our civic engagement work, neighborhood stabilization is a strong component of all DFC Implementation Office priorities – economic growth, land use, city systems, and land and building assets.

To successfully catalyze the recommendations in the DFC Strategic Framework, the DFC Implementation Office executes initiatives and equips community partners with tools and opportunities to help them fuel their future neighborhoods of the future city.

Below are some examples of DFC’s work and the work of our partners that are helping to stabilize our neighborhoods. These examples demonstrate how Detroit’s diverse range of neighborhoods can be experienced, celebrated, impacted and supported.