May 2014: E-Newsletter Detroit Future City Economic Development Priority to Employ More Detroiters

May 1, 2014

Detroit Future City (DFC) Implementation Office’s economic growth priority is to employ more Detroiters. It is fundamental to achieve a sustainable future and an improved quality of life in Detroit. While the DFC Implementation Office does not directly create jobs, it works collaboratively with an array of partners to inform decision-making, provide crucial tools, and identify new ways to strengthen the city’s overall business environment.


While Detroit has been globally recognized for its economic decline and depopulation over the last half of the 20th century, it is becoming better known for the remarkable economic resurgence that’s been generating since the recession of 2008. Detroit’s economy is being driven by entrepreneurialism and innovation with a growing presence of smaller scale enterprises. This reveals a transformational city that is rapidly leveraging its entrepreneurial spirit, anchor institutions, and industrial heritage to foster opportunities for new industries to develop and prosper.

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