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Mackinac Policy Conference Attendees to Get Copy of Detroit Future City

May 25, 2013

Each attendee of the 2013 Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference will receive their own copy of the Detroit Future City strategic framework in their welcome bag.

Detroit Future City, the end product of a three-year participatory planning process, provides guidance for stakeholders from multiple sectors to make strategic and coordinated decisions about Economic Growth, Land Use, City Systems, Neighborhoods, and Public Land and Building Assets.

Dan Kinkead, Director of the Detroit Future City Program Management Office, says, “Distributing the framework to attendees of the Mackinac Policy Conference is a great way to put Detroit Future City in the hands and minds of decision-makers from Detroit and the region.”

“Whether you’re a resident, business owner, creative leader, or director of a non-profit, Detroit Future City provides an important resource for strategic coordination, ensuring our collective actions can maximize impact,” said Kinkead. “It’s going to require multiple sectors working in partnership to make Detroit, and the region, truly sustainable and prosperous.””

Kinkead, along with Detroit Future City Senior Program Manager Heidi Alcock are attending the Mackinac Policy Conference to meet with regional stakeholders to discuss how they can use the strategic framework to effect the change Detroit needs.

Interest in Detroit Future City has been soaring since it was released in January. More than 2,000 copies of the strategic framework have been distributed to community stakeholders; and the document or portions of it have been downloaded 7,961 times from Copies are also available for public review at 79 public locations across Metro Detroit.


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