Glossary: I-J

Impervious #

Not allowing a fluid to pass through. Water runs off, not through, an impervious surface, such as most (if not all) parking lots or driveways.

Urbanization in the last century has created exceptionally impervious cities—cities covered by parking lots, roads, and surfaces that do not allow rain water to soak back in. During storm events this can create challenges for our sewer system, when large amounts of water flow overwhelm our pipes and treatment facilities and can lead to flooding and/or overflow events, where untreated sewage is released directly into the Detroit River—directly into our Great Lakes. As we work towards becoming a region that protects and values our regional water amenities—including the Great Lakes! – finding ways to create more pervious parts of Detroit is increasingly important. New manufacturing and construction technologies allow for pervious paving and even pervious pavers, so that elements like our parking lots can contribute to the overall health of our regional water.

Implement #

The process of installing or constructing a lot design.

Innovation Ecological #

Areas that transform vacant land into landscapes that contribute to the ecosystem. Here forests, meadows, wetlands, and other landscapes develop gradually over time. Flowering meadows gradually give way to forests, and the changing landscape supports a variety of plant and animal life, including birds such as pheasants. Blue/green infrastructure is incorporated to manage stormwater.

Innovation Productive #

Landscapes that transform vacant land into productive, active uses such as growing food and productive forests, producing energy, cleaning soil, generating new knowledge, and reshaping public perception about vacant land. The minimum size is two acres, with some commercial sites potentially being much larger.

Interim (time horizon) #

Less than one year

Intermediate (experience level) #

Has at least maintained a garden

Invasive #

An invasive species is introduced to an area and has a tendency to spread. These tenacious species are believed to cause damage to the environment, the economy, or to human health.

Job Creating #

Creates direct opportunities for employment in Detroit

Just Greens (lot design attribute on flowering) #

Plants, but mostly greens