Lots of Love

Lots of Love serves neighborhoods across Detroit from a sweet (former) ice cream truck: a fully outfitted mobile tool library.

Photo © Lots of Love

Lots of Love has outfitted a used ice cream truck as a mobile tool shed to fight blight and tame overgrown lots in Detroit’s neighborhoods.

Lots of Love will bring the tools if you can bring the neighbor labor (and the ice cream!).

Photo © Lots of Love

Photo © Lots of Love

Becki Kenderes and Chelsea Neblett, founders of Lots of Love, work to help residents in Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park transform vacant lots into spaces that improve their community. Residents, block clubs and other community organization can access a form online to schedule a work date. In exchange for the organizer pledging to bring at least three people to the work date, Lots of Love brings the specific tools needed (including wheelbarrows, leaf blowers, rakes, and tree clippers) or even the whole truck—for free. Lots of Love also supports cleanup organizers by spreading the word about a scheduled cleanup event, and whenever possible, recruiting additional volunteers.

You can follow Lots of Love’s progress through social media and at lotsoflove.org. Lots of Love is a completely volunteer run organization, so donations of supplies and tools are always welcome!

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