Midwest Legacy Corner

We wanted to give back to the neighborhood and create something beautiful for everyone to enjoy.













Lot Type
Mixed Greens
Special Lot Condition
Project Name
Midwest Legacy Corner

Midwest Legacy Corner

We wanted to give back to the neighborhood and create something beautiful for everyone to enjoy.


Midwest Civic Council of Block Clubs



Project Timeline

April - June 2018

Project Leader(s):

Sheri Burton



Who Else Was Involved:

The MCCBC, City Council D6 Raquel Lopez, and the District 6 Manager and Deputy Manager.

Lot Design:

Party Lot

Lot Type

Mixed Greens

Lot Size

Double Lot

Lot Address

7409 + 7415 Joy Rd

Describe the overall process for transforming your lot.

It was challenging, when we bought the lot it looked okay, but then new things kept happening, a stop sign was knocked over, a semi-truck got stuck. It was challenging, but we had to keep at it, and right the wrongs and keep going. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pull it off after the first day when we had only 4 people show up, but then we had people show up to help that I thought were opposed to the project, they dug all the holes we needed in the clay soil. Plus, our council member showed up with extra volunteers, I only had to plant one rose bush all day.

Did you customize your lot design? If so, how?

Not very much, we planted the Party Lot around an existing tree.

Is your current project part of a larger plan, goal, or initiative within your community?


Purpose of the Project:


Lessons Learned
Land Acquisition

We got interested in it the lot because of the artwork that was done on a tree beforehand. We found out the land was owned by the DLBA and applied for a community partnership to acquire it. Before that, we had permission from the DLBA to use the land.

Skill Building

I’m a farmer now. I had planted flowers in my yard beforehand, that was it. I learned about weeds too.

Community Engagement

We put flyers out in the area surrounding the lots announcing that we had received a grant. We asked neighbors to come out and be a part of rebuilding the community, more of an informational flyer. Going forward, in engagement, we discuss the formation of block clubs and introduce people to other initiatives, including the Land + Water WORKS program.


Anything that you can do by yourself, just do it - sweat equity.


What was challenging about this process, and how did you adapt?

The biggest challenge was outside interference... On Memorial Day Weekend our roses and lilac bushes were stolen, 13 roses and two lilacs. I contacted Telly’s Greenhouse & Garden Center, where I had bought the bushes from, and they were willing to give them to me for half price, but they didn’t have the colors I wanted, so DFC found the roses at Home Depot half priced. Telly’s gave me a discount on the lilac bushes to replant. We replanted just before the end of summer planting season with a group from the MCCBC. I decided to replant them and prevent them from being stolen by burying a chain under the mulch to lock up the bushes, we installed security cameras and signage that says what the garden is, to increase public awareness.

What is the maintenance plan for this project after its first year?

I’m going to ask a neighborhood landscaping service to donate some services, for mowing but mostly edging. I mow, weed, and water it.