Event 2: Opportunities for Innovation

Ideas For Innovation

 About The Event

June 2, 2015 @ 6:00–8:00pm
The Display Group
6235 Concord Ave Detroit, MI 48211

With growing redevelopment and reinvestment interests, a vast and expanding vacant and underutilized land portfolio, and recognized districts for innovation fostering a new and more resilient economy, Detroit has the opportunity to establish an investment, policy, and design strategy that achieves sustainable density, corrects supply and demand imbalances, improves quality life, and establishes an unprecedented innovative open space network.

After making the case for great planning and collective action, the DFC Ideas for Innovation Series “Opportunities for Innovation” topic will delve deeper into the core tenets of what is needed for the city’s transformation, addressing the following questions:

Why are Open Space, Strong Neighborhoods, and Focused Growth essential to Detroit’s transformation and how do they support one another?
What are the challenges to achieving this strategic balance?
What can we learn from other cities engaging similar challenges and opportunities?
What are the less conventional opportunities for reutilization of vacant land?
What happens if we don’t utilize this approach and continue with ‘business as usual’?


Jenn White, Host of All Things Considered on Michigan Radio

Panelists for Opportunities for Innovation include:

Rufus Bartell, Owner of Simply Casual
Lydia Gutierrez, Co-founder and President of Hacienda Mexican Foods
Williams Jones, CEO, Focus Hope
Dan Kinkead, Director of Projects, DFC Implementation Office

Event Publication

Opportunities for Innovation Publication [PDF]

Michigan Radio’s “The Next Ideas” (media partner)

Click here to read the essay “With each new idea, momentum builds in Detroit” by Dan Kinkead, Director of Projects for the DFC Implementation
Click here to listen to the interview on “Stateside with Cynthia Canty” with Dan Kinkead

Event Videos

Below are videos from Ideas for Innovation: Opportunities for Innovation