A Field Guide

The DFC Implementation Office has developed the Field Guide to Working with Lots that provides a print and web-based interactive tool to help Detroit residents and contractors identify useful options and specifications to transform vacant land into an asset.

The Field Guide was developed over the course of a year by DFC with the support  and  input from community partners and stakeholders. It supports several imperatives in the DFC Strategic Framework by empowering Detroiters with a tool to help create an innovative open space network, green infrastructure, economic development, and better quality of life in Detroit neighborhoods. The Field Guide is funded by the Erb Family Foundation.

Click here for the Field Guide to Working with Lots website.

Click here for the print version of the Field Guide.

Working with Lots: Mini-Grant Program, Year Three

Detroit Future City (DFC) is excited to launch year-three of the Working with Lots Mini-Grant Program, which aims to accelerate vacant land revitalization in Detroit using the Field Guide to Working with Lots.

The program encourages community groups, faith-based institutions, non-profits, and businesses to install one of 35 lot designs to address stormwater concerns, activate community spaces and create more attractive neighborhoods.

This January, DFC will award 10 grants for a combined maximum amount of $95,000. Four applicants will be award up to $6,500 to transform vacant land in their neighborhood. Six applicants will be granted up to $13,000 to implement Field Guide lot designs that improve stormwater management, and qualify for stormwater drainage credits. Funds are allocated for installation, maintenance, programming, and related educational materials. Grantees will receive technical assistance to help them achieve their open space vision.

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