Our Shared Vision

Through the shared vision of the Strategic Framework, Detroit Future City (DFC) is committed to advancing the quality of life for all Detroiters. We will accomplish this in partnership with residents and public and private stakeholders, and through data-driven strategies that promote the advancement of land use and sustainability, and community and economic development.

Who We Are

DFC is a nonprofit charged with catalyzing implementation of the DFC Strategic Framework, a 50-year vision for the City of Detroit developed with input from more than 100,000 Detroiters.

Our role is to steward equitable implementation of the recommendations made in the Strategic Framework through providing access and information to Detroiters, informing and guiding decision-makers’ initiatives and projects, and the coordination of a multitude of stakeholders.

How We Are Going to Do This


the DFC Strategic Framework recommendations


for innovative approaches, policies and systems


civic awareness and community participation


racial equity in all practices

Our Core Principles

Be aspirational

where we should be and practical where we must be.

Be respectful

of the city’s history, community efforts and new ideas.

Be just and equitable

in seeking to create benefits for all.

Be transparent and inclusive

of all voices participating in improving our community.

DFC Strategic Framework

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