Active Initiatives

The Detroit Future City Implementation Office works with a wide range of partners to cultivate initiatives that demonstrate how the recommendations of the Strategic Framework may be fulfilled. The listing of initiatives below includes descriptive chartering documents, and represents Detroit Future City's existing portfolio.

Brick + Beam Detroit ,, Charter
Denby High School Partnership Charter
DFC School Based Community Learning Charter
DWSD Performance Rate Reduction Pilot Charter
ECO-D Charter
Field Guide to Working with Lots ,, Charter
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Charter
Green Calculator ,, Charter
HOPE Village Neighborhood Solar Development Charter
HUD Resilience Technical Assistance ,,,, Charter
Impact Detroit Innovative Capacity Building Grant , Charter
Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit Black Family Development / Osborn Technical Assistance ,,
New Mobility Detroit Charter
New Urban Places Charter
Open Space Technical Assistance , Charter
Partnership for Building Reuse ,,, Charter
US Department of Energy Coordination Charter