Master Plan of Policies Research

Detroit has changed dramatically since the mid- 1900s and the policies and regulations used to guide development in the City require similar change. The City’s policies and regulations need to acknowledge a smaller population, prepare for a larger economy, and incorporate new, innovative land uses.

The Detroit Strategic Framework Plan provides the City a unique opportunity to update the Master Plan of Policies in a way that will transform the way the City operates. Updating the policies of the Master Plan to be in alignment with DFC, creating meaningful policies that establish a decision-making framework, and tying those policies to the capital budgeting process transform how the Master Plan is used by every City department, the Mayor’s Office, and City Council. It also creates transparency and certainty for community members, potential investors, the business community, foundations and other governmental agencies.

Page 152 of the Detroit Strategic Framework Plan shows how all 17 elements of the City’s Current Master Plan need updates in order to implement Detroit Future City. Some elements need a larger, comprehensive update while others require smaller,
incremental changes.

Initiative lead: Dara O’Byrne

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