Lead and Dust Management Protocols

Building removal activity is projected to increase to an unprecedented volume over the next 18 months in Detroit, a city which physically ballooned when lead (pB) was inserted into the industrial production stream. Presently lead testing and abatement are not a required step in the building removal process – neither for deconstruction nor for demolition. In complement to changes in policy and a greater emphasis on code enforcement at the City and State levels, how can regional researchers, advocates, and practitioners work together to advance the known best practices for heavy metal dust management associated with the building removal process? This applied research initiative is to advance known best practices for dust suppression into practical, scalable solutions for both the contractor-supplier community and for informing and engaging neighborhood residents. Once resourced, this pilot project will mobilize an iterative, quick-turnaround feedback cycle on three series of structures, in order to test and evaluate new techniques for better containing the impact of building removal— specifically lead (pB) containing dusts— to the parcel of origin.

Initiative lead: Erin Kelly

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