Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit Black Family Development / Osborn Technical Assistance

In an ongoing effort to strengthen Detroit’s neighborhoods, Kresge awarded 18 projects a total of $1.6 million through the Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit Initiative (KIP:D). A total of 11 implementation grants of $100,000 to $150,000 and seven planning grants of $20,000 to $25,000 were announced in April 2015. The Detroit Future City Implementation Office (DFC) will work closely with KIP:D awardee Black Family Development, Inc. to provide technical assistance, strategy development, and communications support during the implementation of the Osborn Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative. As part of the initiative, Black Family Development Inc., will partner with Life Remodeled and the Osborn Neighborhood Alliance to engage residents in the development of short and long term land use plans. Once plans are developed, a six day community clean up will take place in the Osborn community. Black Family Development will also work closely with the Detroit Land Bank Authority and homeowners to prepare and clear side lots available for purchase.

Initiative leads: Allandra Bulger, Erin Kelly, Dan Kinkead and Victoria Olivier