HUD Resilience Technical Assistance

On August 11, 2014, Detroit received 4.57 inches of rain, the second largest rainfall on record according to the National Weather Service. This severe weather overloaded Metro Detroit’s aging stormwater management system, leading to severe flooding of highways, disruption of Detroit’s economy, damage to Detroit homes and businesses, and the discharge of over 10 billion gallons of combined sewer overflow, threatening the overall health of Great Lakes water system and Metro Detroit’s water supply.

In responding to the 2014 flooding disaster, Detroit has a powerful imperative to not only address the unmet needs and vulnerabilities associated with severe weather and flooding, but also to establish more resilient, cost effective, and innovative infrastructure systems that can improve quality of life. In support of this objective, Detroit Future City Implementation Office (DFC) is providing broad technical assistance to the City, advocating for the incorporation of resilience objectives in project planning, developing proposals for resilience projects, and supporting requests for resources from public and philanthropic sources.

Initiative lead: Chris Dorle

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