DFC Blight Bootcamp

Blight Bootcamp is a component of the Detroit Future City 2014 ‘Spring into Action’ campaign, which seeks to create linkages around blight removal activities taking place across the city. The community driven initiative focuses on the following three (3) events to highlight and capitalize on existing endeavors: 1) Motor City Makeover 2) DFC Blight Bootcamp Day, and 3) ARISE Detroit! Neighborhoods Day. Blight elimination initiatives from the grassroots to the federal level are on-going in Detroit to improve quality of life. These initiatives, while significant, would benefit from connecting to additional resources to inform stakeholders and the community, provide technical support, link to community initiated plans and projects, and ultimately, stabilize neighborhoods. To address this, Detroit Future City has identified blight elimination as one its 2014 initiatives under the priority “Stabilize Neighborhoods.” Detroit Future City Implementation Office, along with community partners, realize it is vital to acknowledge the work currently underway in Detroit’s neighborhoods, make the proper connections between the work and the Strategic Framework, empower organizations to increase their scope and capacity, and shed light on the variety of blight interventions and tools available outside of demolition. Blight elimination has been deemed a priority by the City of Detroit. As a result, Blight Bootcamp serves as an opportunity to connect and support the current administration’s on-going effort to address blight.

Initiative lead: Allandra Bulger

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