Denby High School Partnership

The Detroit Future City Strategic Framework Plan provides a clear vision and approach for Detroit’s future. The implementation horizons for change call for the stability, improvement, sustainability and eventual transformation of Detroit between now and 2050. This call for a long-term plan necessitates the engagement of youth who hold a significant stake in the present and future of Detroit. As a result, Denby High School has adopted the Detroit Future City Strategic Framework Plan in two significant manners. The senior class at Denby High School completes senior capstone projects, utilizing the Strategic Framework to drive research topics. Secondly, Denby High incorporates the Detroit Future City Strategic Framework into a communityoriented curriculum developed in partnership with Denby High School, Michigan Community Resources and Detroit Future City. The partnership with Denby High School has served as a catalyst for the formation of the Denby Neighborhood Alliance Project, a grassroots project championed by Denby High School and community interest partners to rehabilitate and revitalize the community in and outside of Denby High School.

Initiative lead: Allandra Bulger

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