Demolition Best Practices Working Session

Facilitated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and hosted in partnership with the Blight Task Force, the Detroit Land Bank, and Detroit Future City, the intention of this event is to provide support to the Blight Task Force’s reporting and recommendation process for the net benefits mobilization of Hardest Hit Funds in Detroit. The Demolition Best Practices Working Session will consolidate recommendations and near term, actionable opportunities for job creation, waste diversion, neighborhood-scaled communications and the management of public health impact through the Hardest Hit Fund investment in the large scale mobilization of a building removal process. This day long working session will partner a diverse set of local experts with up to date, neighborhood level parcel information, provided by the Motor City Mapping project. Report Delivery will be coordinated between the US EPA, Detroit Future City, and the Motor City Mapping Project, for time sensitive delivery to the Blight Task Force.

Initiative lead: Erin Kelly

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