DFC Strategic Framework FAQ

These questions and answers pertain specifically to the Detroit Future City Strategic Framework – the book.

What is Detroit Future City?
Detroit Future City is a comprehensive strategic framework to help a variety of stakeholders – community groups, philanthropy, business entities and economic developers, government, investors, and more – make decisions around a shared vision that improves the quality of life for all.

What should I expect to see when I read the DFC Strategic Framework?
Detroit Future City outlines recommendations to leverage Detroit’s strengths and assets – people, time, money, geography, brainpower, etc. – and coordinate investment and resources to move Detroit forward collectively. It will be a guide to:

  1. How to best use our abundance of land (particularly publicly owned land),
  2. Create job growth and economic prosperity,
  3. Ensure vibrant neighborhoods,
  4. Build an infrastructure that serves citizens at a reasonable cost, and
  5. Maintain a high level of community engagement that is integral to success.

You will see that Detroit Future builds on the good work that’s already being done in the community. It’s not based on a vision of only how the city looks, but also how it works. It is based on a realistic understanding of current resources; is flexible enough to respond to changing needs and opportunities; and can evolve over time as it’s used and conditions change.

What makes the DFC Strategic Framework different than other plans that have been developed previously?
It’s not a static plan, but a framework for complementary projects, policies and partnerships of every size and scale, for near-term benefit and long-term transformation. It is grounded in one of the broadest, deepest and most comprehensive look at the city’s current situation ever conducted. It is based on a realistic understanding of the resources, steps and timing required to achieve its objectives. It gives equal consideration to every geographic area of the city, every constituent, and every component of a good and sustainable quality of life.

Were the concerns and ideas of everyday Detroiters taken into consideration when developing the DFC Strategic Framework?
Yes. It was grounded in robust community engagement that included hundreds of meetings and 30,000 conversations and 163,000 touchpoints and we received more than 70,000 surveyed responses and comments from participants. The people who engaged with the process will be able to see their influence reflected in the DFC Strategic Framework.

Does the DFC Strategic Framework take into consideration the work that has already been done by groups such as CDAD, LEAP, Brightmoor Alliance and others?
Yes. Throughout the planning process existing community plans were examined; and community members were consulted about successful strategies they are already using to improve their neighborhood. Best practices locally and nationally were studied and where appropriate, incorporated into the strategic framework.

For example, similar to CDAD’s Strategic Framework, the DFC Strategic Framework uses land use and neighborhood typologies to represent the long term land use vision for the city. However, the major difference between the DFC and CDAD typologies is in scale: DFC’s land use typologies represent recommendations for citywide land use while CDAD’s operate at a block-by-block neighborhood-based level. Over the course of the project, the DFC long term planning team met with CDAD to coordinate a “nesting” of the two sets of typologies. Additional work remains in this regard, but there is general agreement between DFC and CDAD that the two sets of land use typologies are compatible and will facilitate the neighborhood planning process within the larger DFC citywide context.

If I am part of an organization that has already created a plan for our community what should we be doing now that the DFC Strategic Framework is complete?
The DFC Strategic Framework proposes a new way to invest and improve the city that is more collaborative, efficient and sustainable. We encourage those who have existing plans or are currently working on plans to review the DFC Strategic Framework to see where there are synergies or differences. We hope that you might find new solutions to some of the issues you may be trying to address in your neighborhood.

Will the community have a voice in the implementation of the DFC Strategic Framework?
Yes. The DFC Strategic Framework is a guide for decision making that is not exclusively for one entity, or mayor or one generation, but for each of us—and those who come after us. In our roles as citizens, philanthropists, developers, business people, parents, and neighborhood champions; we must move forward collectively—and work together to help implement the DFC Strategic Framework.

How can the community access the DFC Strategic Framework?
Detroit Future City is accessible to everyone. There are multiple ways to access the strategic framework. They are:

  • Download PDF of the book from this site,
  • Stopping by a Detroit Public Library in your neighborhood to review a copy,
  • Visiting one of 76 locations across metro Detroit where a copy is available for public review,
  • Invite a Detroit Future City representative to your community meeting, or
  • Drop by DFC located at 2990 W. Grand Blvd in Detroit between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday to pick-up a copy of the book.