Detroit Future City Strategic Framework

Blueprint For Detroit’s Future

The Detroit Strategic Framework, articulates a shared vision for Detroit’s future, and recommends specific actions for reaching that future. The vision resulted from a 24-month-long public process that drew upon interactions among Detroit residents and civic leaders from both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, who together formed a broad-based group of community experts. From the results of this citywide public engagement effort, in turn, a team of technical experts crafted and refined the vision, rendered specific strategies for reaching it, shared their work publicly at key points, and shaped it in response to changing information and community feedback throughout the process.

Executive Summary [28 MB]
Full Detroit Future City Strategic Framework Book [123 MB]

The Planning Elements

An Integrated Approach to Transforming the City and its Neighborhoods

Economic Growth

The Economic Growth element proposes strategies to grow Detroit’s economy for all Detroiters by supporting economic sectors in Detroit that have already shown success in job creation including digital and creative jobs, industrial employment and entrepreneurship, and attracts new residents and businesses.

Economic Growth Section [41 MB]

Land Use

The Land Use element offers strategies that take into account current realities and future needs of Detroit’s land. The strategies follow the zones in the Strategic Framework that offer guidance on best uses of land with consideration of vacancy rates and land use according to three characteristics: neighborhood, industrial and landscape.

Land Use Section [27 MB]

City Systems

The City Systems element addresses reforms to the service delivery systems throughout the city including water, waste, energy, and lighting and transportation.

City Systems Section [32 MB]


The Neighborhood element provides strategies to create a diverse range of neighborhood styles and choices that will appeal to a wide variety of people, while also strengthening all neighborhoods across the city. Quality-of-life issues are addressed with a set of citywide strategies that affect all Detroiters.

Neighborhood Section [41 MB]

Land and Building Assets

The Land and Building Assets element calls for all of the different public agencies that hold land to align their missions around a single, shared vision. This collaborative effort will be built around the aspirations of the city outlined in its land use and environmental plans, economic growth strategies and neighborhood revitalization efforts providing a collective approach to land and buildings in the city whether publicly or privately owned.

Land and Building Assets Section [20 MB]

Civic Capacity

The foundation of all of the planning elements and the single most important factor in determining successful implementation of the Strategic Framework is Civic Capacity. Detroit Future City’s is committed to participatory implementation, in which the organization and its partners engage in multiple layers simultaneously from individuals and neighborhoods, to sector-based activity to systemic reforms.

Civic Engagement Section [14 MB]