DFC Implementation Office FAQs

What is the Detroit Future City Implementation Office?
The DFC Implementation Office has been formed to be the steward of the DFC Strategic Framework. It strategically coordinates actions and resources, to maximize their impact and catalyze long-term capacity within all contributing stakeholders.

What does the DFC Implementation Office do on a daily basis?
The DFC Implementation Office coordinates with stakeholders to inform decision-making, build capacity, and fulfill the objectives of the DFC Strategic Framework.

What is going on with Detroit Future City (DFC) these days?
The DFC Implementation Office became an independent nonprofit organization in January 2016 to solidify its key independent role as a thought leader regarding the future of Detroit and implementing strategies to advance the recommendations in the DFC Strategic Framework. The organization continues its important work including helping Detroiters implement The Field Guide, develop an Open Space Report and work on more than a dozen other active initiatives in collaboration with a broad range of implementation partners.

How is the DFC Implementation Office governed?
The DFC Implementation Office is led by executive director Anika Goss-Foster and governed by an independent board of directors representing the diverse interests and priorities of the people of Detroit.

What are the priorities of the DFC Implementation Office?
To guide the DFC Implementation Office’s actions over the next two years, five Implementation Priorities have been identified, they are:

  • Employ More Detroiters
  • Fulfill Regulatory Reform
  • Renew City Systems Strategically and Innovatively
  • Stabilize Neighborhoods
  • Transform Vacant Land into an Innovative Open Space Network

These near-term priorities are distilled from the DFC Strategic Framework as well as cultivated from discussions held during the DFC Implementation Office’s first six months in operation.

How will the DFC Implementation Office fulfill those priorities?
For each of the five priorities, the DFC Implementation Office has projects it is currently working on with partners from across Detroit.

What are the services offered by the DFC Implementation Office?
The services provided to initiatives that meet the DFC Implementation Office’s criteria could include: strategy, project management, data analysis, research, and strategic coordination, engagement, communication, education and concept development.

What criteria does the DFC Implementation Office use to determine the projects it will offer its support and services?
Projects must:

  1. demonstrate impact,
  2. demonstrate alignment with the DFC Strategic Framework,
  3. inform or be informed by best practices,
  4. move the DFC Strategic Framework forward.

Additional criteria taken into consideration are: involvement of multiple DFC Strategic Framework elements and/or strategies, geographic alignment with the DFC Strategic Framework, level of community support, and a clear timeline.

How is the DFC Implementation Office funded?
The DFC Implementation Office is funded by the Kresge Foundation, Erb Family Foundation, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Michigan State Housing Development Authority, Americana Foundation; the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation; and, the City of Detroit.

What is the Implementation Office’s relationship with the City of Detroit and the Mayor’s Office?
The DFC Implementation Office has a strong collaborative working relationship with City of Detroit and the Mayor’s Office and works closely with the City’s Executive of Jobs and Economic Growth The City of Detroit is one of the many community partners that are involved with helping to implement the DFC Strategic Framework.

What other organizations can I connect with to learn about projects that are impacting the city of Detroit?
The DFC Implementation Office is dedicated to empowering Detroiters by connecting them to resources. The DFC Resource List can serve as a starting point for organizing, planning, referrals or partnering for projects and other opportunities. We hope you find it helpful and if there are additional resources we can share, please send us the information at info@detroitfuturecity.com.

Download the Resource List here.